Brian King and Jessica Goldstein

Age: 50 - 54
Location: New York
Industry: Financial activities
Job: Retail Banking
Unemployed Since: Unemployed for 3 years
"I'm living with my father. I'm glad to be here. I'm glad we had a place to land."

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Cheryl said:

I, too, am an out of work music teacher. I was hired to teach elementary children but had the job switched to middle school 2 weeks before school started. After 3 years of working really hard, I was let go and told that middle school was not my age group. Now I can't find a job. I had some interviews this summer but they always hired younger teachers. It's very discouraging! I am a highly skilled and educated music teacher that could do just about anything but I can't get even an interview.

Bethany said:

Bethany said: This is so true. I never expected to be 54 years old an unemployed. I have always worked for Fortune 500 companies and had respectable positions at those companies. After 21 years at one of the companies, I was let go. That was 12 years ago. It has been downhill since then. My last permanent-full-time position was 4 years ago. I was wrongfully termminated due to age discrimination. My skills are relevant (interactive/digital marketing and project management), however no one seems to want to hire a 54-year old. Phone interviews go well, but the in-person interview is when they decide someone else would be a 'better-fit'. I am an african-american woman, so I get the double-edged sword of discrimination. I am a very positive person and have great faith. However, every day I have to fight-depression, tears, anguish and tell myself that one day things will be back to normal. I am also taking care of my mom who has early on-set dementia. This is a struggle in itself. And, I have recently been told that UI checks will be cut off after December of this year. Who is fighting for us??????

Rael said:

If I don't teach music, I really don't know what I can do. That being said, I am trained for nothing BUT teaching. How useless is that? My last job fired me when a mother complained I was rude to her child. I'm not rude any more. I'm terrified. I just lie in bed struggling not to let the blackness overtake me. I don't think I'll qualify for UI. I think I'm just a single, 59 year old woman with no hope. I send resumes out for call centers and they tell me I'm not suited...Good Lord! It really feels good just to share this.

Michelle Van Etten said:

I am deeply touched by each of the comments on this page. I have a job Opportunity to offer each of you. Please contact me Michelle Van Etten 850-449-4820

Marsha B said:

It never dawned on me that it could be my age. I am 55 years old and I have been doing temp jobs for the last 3 years. I had to move back home with my senior parents. When I say (move back home) most people think I am taking care of my parents. Ha! They are taking care of me. When I am asked where is home? I say home is in Hawaii. They say, "ohhh boo-hoo-hoo." I have to tell you, you do have a different perspective when you have a roof over your head and you wake up every day in paradise. At least I'm not homeless. I am thankful to be 55 and alive!

Susan Kaye said:

We must never give up. I don't care go into my long story about how this economy has hurt me big time. I feel all of us will find a job some place out there for us. I go on 3 to 4 interviews every week, but the places don't hire me. I feel it is chemistry between the person interviewing you and you. That is why many times we do not get the jobs.

Rob Dame said:

Hello Brian & Jessica, I just watched your video and have to chime in with some thoughts. There are similarities with Brian's father's experience & my own father's. Brian, I hope that you will be more gentle on yourself with respect to your perception of having not succeeded as an actor. I grew up north of NYC and my father & grandfather lived in NYC and in rural NY during the Great Depression. I grew up hearing Great Depression survival stories and as a result I never trusted corporations. After college I worked as musician, and even though I had the experience of working with famous people, and earning royalty income from network TV, I found that I loved (and still do) composing and recording music, but I feared and loathed the entertainment industry. As a result of this I could not succeed in manner in which I originally intended. So now at age 58 I have worked in urban planning, as a musician , the USPS, and I currently work at a pawn shop just to have a paycheck. That's right! A pawn shop!! I do that during the day and broker collectible musical instruments and perform music when I can. I have always had multiple sources of income and have always tried to live a frugally as possible. Pride is just not a factor for me. I cannot find another job after applying for over three years, so I just keep at it. I have three children, and I just keep working during the day, writing music(Amazon,Itunes,Rhapsody,Soundcloud), and working other angles on the side for cash. Jazz trumpeter Chet Baker worked at a gas station. Jazz guitarist Tal Farlow was a sign painter in NJ. Both of these jazz musicians worked during the day in part because they did not like the entertainment business. You still have much to offer as a person and Jessica genuinely supports you. You should not blame yourselves for this national problem which is so much bigger than all of us. Corporations have cut out aged 50+ workers in a calculated move to save money in the short run. I hope that things improve for you, but remember to be thankful for what you have. Thanks.

john said:

Stay together guys, you make a nice couple.

Greg said:

So sorry for your situation, it touched my heart. But on the other hand I am self employed, so no unemployment insurance, no severance pay, no back up. No family to have a place to "land." And no partner to share the pain. So...yes the pain.

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