George Dys

Age: 60 - 64
Location: Rhode Island
Industry: Manufacturing
Job: Product Design Engineer
Unemployed Since: Unemployed for 3+ years
"Being over 50 is not what it once was as far as getting ... acknowledged for your experience and what you can contribute."

Currently working at three part-time jobs.


Christine said:

I agree with you Maureen, it appears to be enough of us to form a group and make this an issue. I will soon be 57 years old and I worked my way up on the job for over 20 years. I have been out of work for almost 2 years now and I really don't think I will see th light at the end of the tunnel. It makes you wonder when the same people who won't hire you, will only see a doctor,surgeon,plumber or an attorney if they have experience. For Gods sake when we are in a airplane we are so relieved when we see the pilot is middle age, this is a way to recognize experience and the hope that these people have done the job long enough to get it right. We should not take this sitting down. It is time to stand up and speak out !

The Snarky Boomer said:

A lot of us deal with the frustration everyday of what used to work, now no longer does. Like monkeys in a lab experiment we were trained to do X + X = reward. Now X+X= feces. What is very frustrating is we have no previous experience on how to cope with the situation most of us find ourselves in. The learning curve is VERY steep and some are being shoved over the cliff.

Sandy H. Miller said:

Thanks for sharing George. I related to many of your thoughts. I am not sure there is an answer at this time? I think our once amazing country needs to bottom out completely before things will change for the better and we begin to rise out of the hole we are in. Most folks are in denial as to how BAD "it" is... I think a group of us need to get together are pool ideas, money and anything else it takes to move forward! We all need to drop our EGOs and put our heads/resources together. Strenght in numbers is still a good one! Just say'in... Good Luck!! - Sandy H. Miller / former successful entrepeneur

Eyeswideshut said:

Thought I'd follow-up with a little story. I just returned empty handed from a trip to S. NV. I had found a connection which networked to a job. After a phone call and several emails it became apparent I'd best take a drive and show up in person. I did but suddenly sensed a problem. "I never promised you a job" is what I got. I didn't say it but, yes you did. It makes me feel like I am reading things into communications, wishful thinking. I just drove a thousand miles and got hosed? Sure did! I did not become confused or make a mistake. These types of issues are new to me, I'm not used to this insincerity in the job market. It has been two years with no sense this stupidity will end. Not a pity party, just truth. I guess there are a number of employers who have zero integrity and getting worse. Seems we are all in a tight spot. Remaining positive is becoming a monumental task. Damn hard to uphold self-confidence, worth and value with this crap kicking me in the crotch all the time, geez! Just plain dumb.

Peter Johansen said:

I have been and presently in the same boat. As far as resumes are concerned, one can become confused what to apply for. When employers state, "You do not want this job" or "How long do you expect to be around" or "You do not fit," then arrogance becomes a norm. Oh, by the way, an attorney will say the condition is not discrimmination.

Eyeswideshut said:

New to this site. Just turned 53, thought reading comments would somehow sooth me, it hasn't. I keep being told, "you're not the only one." Does this make anyone feel better? I specialized in the mid 90's so when I got older I wouldn't have to be outside working on equipment in the snow. Um,...seemed like a good idea at the time. Try as I might, I've made no connections. I have found opposition when I attempt to do "walk-ins" at employers to see if they have work. I suspect too many people do this due to widespread unemployment. Honestly, I've never really had to shop for a job. Generally I always had a network to go on or similar. The networks are gone and the overall friendliness of employers has become confrontational! So I have relied on the internet, checking job-sites and sending resum├ęs, so far a colossal waste of time. I seldom hear from anyone, the manners are gone. I am in the twilight zone. I can feel judgments about my sanity and my quality as a man. True, I admit my pride and confidence have taken a heavy hit. It is freaking weird to be in this position. Funny, I recall many years ago reminding myself to save and do what is right, plan, etc., as the future is coming. I did all I could, my best, yet I still ended up bankrupt and with nothing. I have offered recruiters money if they could locate a job, no luck. It used to be knowing someone was VERY helpful to get a job. Now days I believe after all the BS I've been through it is essential. I have one last name-drop I'm going to try tomorrow. If that doesn't bear fruit all I can think to do is show up in a new town, join the Rotary, etc., etc., and let people know what I am. My hat is off to those who had unemployment checks to rely on, I didn't. Loss of job, loss of investment, loss of real property, control to stop the snowball. It is odd isn't it, to have made it this far, done so much, been successful, only to find one's self in a spinning vacuum of confusion. Now more than ever it is, "Not what you know but who you know."

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