Jose Ambriz

Age: 55 - 59
Location: California
Industry: Information
Job: Archivist
Unemployed Since: May 2009
"Right now, what I'm doing is just keeping positive. Keeping positive instead of negative that I will get a job."



Rondove said:

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483872 said:

Thank you so much for reading here and sharing life with me!

RandyTub said:

530885 said:

Very fine, Kong. I got a tape of Joy Division from Danny, the drummer of the Avengers, and they were the finest thing (even if it was a crummy tape).

Haroldspife said:

550731 said:

I have done all the different quizzes to find my spiritual animal. I love turtles, but every quiz tells me I am a wolf. I read the results, I am¡­but I always shop and find turtles, never a wolf¡­why?

86846 said:

Everybody knows how this congressman defended the illegal occupants of Baguio’s largest watershed, Busol, years ago. Right this moment, more people have encroached the said area under the protection of this solon. And now we have this issue in Cabuyao, another area of critical concern since it serves as a major watershed for a big part of Baguio and Benguet. Ano ba talaga ang plano mo Congressman? Do you really care for the future of Baguio? Or you’re just one of those people who would take advantage of the opportunity to profit and amass large tracks of lands while you’re in government postion?

Haroldspife said:

187231 said:

That print is crazy gorgeous!!!

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