Julie Taylor-Cooper

Age: 60 - 64
Location: South Carolina
Industry: Professional and business services
Job: Accounting Manager
Unemployed Since: January 2009
"I'm upset about it because I feel I worked all these years and, now, I don't have no medical insurance. I can't afford it."


Thomas said:

I completely agree with John S. Daley's comment. I could tell right away that Julie Taylor-Cooper is very qualified for almost any job in America. I'm closing in on 52 now after having spent a quarter century at the LA Times in newspaper advertising and got laid off a year and a half ago. This country is so messed up because I may end up homeless and on the streets???? What is it? My age? - posted Feb 20, 2015

john s. daley said:

What an absolute waste that somebody has not hired her. This is a disgrace. It just makes me want to fight even harder. I'm doing door to door political campaign right now. $13 something an hour but of course it will end in November. I won't stop! NEVER say die. I'm proud of Julie Taylor-Cooper."We take care of each other"

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