Kelley Briggs

Age: 50 - 54
Location: Rhode Island
Industry: Financial activities
Job: Banking
Unemployed Since: Unemployed for 19 months
"There's nothing positive about being without a job and not being able to find one, no matter how well qualified you think you are or how well educated."


Thomas said:

Thank you so much Kelley for your comments. Very "uplifting I guess?" I have been working not stop from age 13 until age 51 when I got laid off from the LA Times after a quarter century in retail advertising. I have a BA and was an account executive, now I have been out of work for a year and a half. I have never been unemployed before and I cannot get interviews or sleep nights. I try everyday to think positive, but the homeless streets are very much within reach when my 401k money runs out. Anyway, thanks as your view was positive to me. - posted Feb. 20, 2015

Teri said:

Kelley , You sound just like me and I just don't understand it! Gerald, She said they both worked but it was always just enough to cover bills with no much left over so with one not working their wasn't much of anything to save. - posted on Feb.

Kelley said:

Yes, I did use my unemployment as an opportunity to learn new skills. I enrolled in an online university and earned an Associates degree in Criminal Justice.

Kelley said:

Yes, we had 2 incomes for most of 30 years, but our expenses were almost as much as our incomes. We always paid our bills on time or early, but there was not a lot left over. Childcare expenses that allowed me to work were in excess of $6000/year for 5 years. We also helped my mom out with some of her expenses when she ran out of money several years after my dad passed away. Maybe it was just bad luck when our cars broke down or had other unexpected expenses, but every time we had "a little extra", it never had the chance to build into anything. With a mortgage of over $1500/month, 2 incomes totalling $90 doesn't go very far.

Gerard Stroy said:

How is it possible that people that have had two incomes for 30 y or so run out of money after 18 months???

The Snarky Boomer said:

Look at it as a chance to learn new skills. 1. How to live on next to nothing -skill translated: you know how to move a company from red to black on the books. 2. Negotiating with bill collectors- skill translated: Hard negotiating skills that help a company navigate to a win/win 3. Dealing with frustration- skill translated: how to cope with frustration in the work place. 4. Writing/ interview for different job opportunities- skill translated: Improved communication skills verbal, written and visual.

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