Mercedes Paez

Age: 65 - 69
Location: California
Industry: Manufacturing
Job: Garment Worker
Unemployed Since: August 2008
"I pray...for this country and everybody get a job."


Ex-wife of Viet Nam vet said:

America is a large, diverse, and blessed country. We are populated by many wonderful and diverse climates and a nice mix of urban and rural. Please consider a move to a low tax and low stress area. You may be able to live quite well 'out in the sticks' in one of our friendly states. Good luck and keep your heart open to new friends and opportunities.

Rick said:

Both political partys were in favor of and voted for free trade. So as a result we get to evolve into a third world country like where you came from. It makes me furious. Even the ones that have jobs are seeing there taxes (property , federal , state , local etc. etc. etc ) going up up up to pay for the government class.

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