Michael McClatchey

Age: 60 - 64
Location: Michigan
Industry: Information
Job: IT Specialist
Unemployed Since: Unemployed and underemployed for 4 years
"Once the unemployment runs out, then things look very desperate indeed."


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Ellen Turner said:

Michael is doing better than most of us. He can collect early SS. I cannot afford health insurance, as a single woman of 63..it would cost me $250/mth with a 5k deductible. My skillselt has been outsourced to foriegn soils. I live in Florida, where there isn't any jobs in my field. Also, do not forget...companies do not hire older Americans, mainly because of the health insurance rates.

Muffy said:

If I were this person, I would start helping people out with their computers. I continually have problems with my computer; when I have bigger issues, I would love to have someone to call that's not going to charge me through the nose.

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