Rick Barrett

Age: 55 - 59
Location: Louisiana
Industry: Construction
Job: Veteran & Handyman
Unemployed Since: Part-time jobs only
"I feel like changing my middle name to Job... because I don't give up neither, and no true Cajun do."


David Donahue said:

Surprised you didn't get pissed off and do something drastic. Being a Marine vet I get it too. Its a sad state of affairs. Tell the VA to help you get some new choppers.

Ex-wife of Viet Nam vet said:

Why isn't he getting a VA disability? The VA and his congressman needs to help him get SS Disability and his VA disability. How shameful that he has fallen through the cracks.

Marsha B said:

Rick, what an inspiration to me and to others I'm sure. Thanks, I needed that.

john s. daley said:

The right attitude is more important then education or anything else! God love ya Rick! One of my favorite bible stories too boot.America leads the world in some things and desire and faith might be two of them. I will not quit even though I can't cause I got no job!

Pat said:

Rick - Thank you for your service. I do not understand how or why you are being denied Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Have you tried this web site: http://www.ssa.gov/ssi/ Good luck and God bless.

E. Brian Starvaggi said:

Rick - first thanks for your service in the military, i was just a little fart when you was serving in the Vietnam War and to be in a Special outfit is truly remarkeable. the way i see it - you are extremely valuable asset to anyone. All the hard life you had in growing up in Louisana, the many years of military and special training, the civilian crafts that you have aquired would just floor employers if they gave you a chance. I am like you i was raised to do my job and the military trained me well - i am capable of so much with all the lives i have been responsible for and the millions of dollars of Army Equipment, yet I cannot even get a job. I am back to school and I am going to try harder this time around because I too dont beleive in giving up.

Patricia said:

You are an inspiration to me, and I thank you for your honest and heartfelt thoughts. I believe you will make it, and do well. Never give up.

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