Sheila Bliven

Age: 55 - 59
Location: Rhode Island
Industry: Financial activities
Job: Human Resources
Unemployed Since: Unemployed for 16 months
"Unfortunately, I and a whole lot of other people are going to be out of work again, unless Congress ... decides to re-up the program."


Peter Johansen said:

I started working when I came over, had to learn English, and when I needed money. Thus, practically everything at a young age and gaining experience. Now, after applying to various qualified positions, one becomes confused by which position a person should apply for. Furthermore, then there are the complaints that a person must endure why one has not worked for such a long time. Never mind the continuous discrimmination that is occuring, which is preventing a hiring or when persons assume that a person is too old towards being in a workplace. I would call them an atheist for disrespect towards mankind. As to the food problem, I understand nutrition programs called SNAP are improving quals and should provide basic food needs. Besides, the centers will give out additional assistance programs.

Peter Johansen said:

Sheila, many are in the same situation and worse. Out of work since 08/2007. A short Census gig helped a little. Been through the disaster and the storm. Luckily, found some SNAP or nutrition to get by. The SNAP centers are more crowded than the career centers. There exists too many forces that are against us. Thus, take one day at a time, hope for the best, and get some rest or follow your cat's advice.

Steve Smith said:

Hi Michael. If you could post a bit about more about your situation, there might be someone here who might have some possibilities for you. Your work background, state and perhaps city you live in, any limiting issues (health, etc.) that might prevent you from doing certain jobs, and whether you would be willing (and able) to move to a new location for a job, are some of the things you might post.

Sue said:

Michael, thank you for visiting our site and sharing your experience. I hope that you are going to a job support group, so that you do not feel alone. If there is anything we can do -- help you locate a group or pass on job search links that others are using, let us know. Please take a look at the posts in our general comments section -- we have many caring site visitors and some of their advice and tips may be useful to you.

Michael Butler said:

Born in 1955, I started working when I was in high school. I always believed that no matter what happened, there would always be a job of some kind for me just in case anything fell through. Now here I am, 55 years old, unemployed, a 99er, and there is absolutely nothing out there to be found. I'm fighting desperation, depression, guilt, and trying to keep a positive outlook. But this is really, really hard.

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