Sheila Cooper

Age: 50 - 54
Location: California
Industry: Education and health services
Job: Dental Lab Technician
Unemployed Since: June 2010
"It's not like I'm 22 and just starting out and looking to move up the ladder. I just want a job that I can go to every day and earn a paycheck."


Great grandmother said:

I have appreciated reading this page for a while; like my friends paying social security since 1968 and unemployed since 2008; well educated and upgraded my skills immediately upon layoff. One of my children is grown with special needs; progress is good for her but never in my wildest dreams did I think she would have a management job and I with business school degrees and more would be denied access. YES PEOPLE are hired apparently; young yes people who are controlled by the things a pay check will purchase. Good luck! -posted March 2, 2015

Helena said:

You are not alone, their are thousands of us in New York looking for work,many of us have lost our unemployment, because the government said Ne York did not qualify for the extension as o December 9th 2012. Many had to get government aid, which is depressing, many people have lost their homes, and to aid misery to injury you have to work at city agencies for food and shelter at least 21 hours a week. And g to back to work programs which are over crowded and have no jobs if you are educated or have work experience. These programs push you to take min. wage jobs that"s if you can get one because they get a bonus for every one who gets a job. You actually do the work by looking for a job, but they want the credit. NO JOY IN NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!

R,J said:

I pray that everything works out for you and your family. I am a 60-year old lady living in Washington DC. I was laid off my food Services job . I worked for this same company for 25-years from 04-1987 to 06-2012. I have a plyed for jobs . But never hear back. I am living off unemployment. God Bless you. Stay in pray.

Workers over 50: Too young to retire, but too old to work? « Kay Steiger said:

[...] Today in the fourth part of my series on unemployment, I look at workers over 50. Sheila Cooper said she’s just looking for a receptionist or some other administrative job. “I just want a job that I can go to every day and earn a paycheck,” she said in a video for the Over 50 and Out of Work project. [...]

Gerard Stroy said:

Dear Sheila, You appear to be such an amiable person....what really upsets me is when you tell that you were escorted out of your workplace, as a piece of refuse so to speak.How come that there is no outright anger expressed. It all conveys an impression of powerless compliance with an in itself totally immoral dehumanized working environment .Sickening from my perspective, but probably an unassailable symptom of human commodification. Gerard Stroy, 53 years , Netherlands.

Jennifer Russell said:

And your wishes are what we are all fighting for! You & all like you are in my prayers daily.

K. Rostad said:

Dear Sheila, I will pray for you and your family to recover from these job losses. You seem to have a dear spirit and a lovely personality. If you lived near me, I'd invite you over for a cup of tea. It shocks me that so many nice, hardworking people are suffering from job loss right now. My husband and I have been through a corporate down-sizing and understand what you are going through. Moving to a smaller home in the country helped us cut down on our costs. Many unexpected blessings have come our way in the 8 years since my husband was laid off including two part time jobs for me that each lasted two years. I hope good things like that will happen for you also. I also hope you have help with your health insurance somehow. God bless you. - K. Rostad

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