Wade & Mary Gingell

Age: 50 - 54
Location: Michigan
Industry: Manufacturing
Job: Skilled Tradesman and Machine Operator
Unemployed Since: Unemployed for 2 years, 2 months
"We've both been out of work since October 2008."


David Donahue said:

I have been out of work since 07 but started a blogging business. I figured it couldnt hurt. Its working and could help over 50s. www.bloggingtipsfornewbies.com

Steven said:

I wish you and your wife "great" things. I'm from Oh. I'm 50 and my job closed its doors. I've lost everything, I live with family and blessed to have that opportunity. I'm very depressed and hope something comes along soon. Thanks

Joanne Vella said:

Thank you for sharing your story . . . I'm 56 and still not working thank you for mentioning school I did this also ! The downside is school loan its sad very sad.

john said:

Nice couple.

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