An unemployment poem: The Month before Christmas

Twas nearly a month before Christmas, when all through the land

Bills were a mounting, getting way out of hand;

Out of tradition, the stockings were hung with great care,

With knowledge that the kids would find little there;

Our kids would all be home hunkered down in their beds,

Knowing that Mum and Dad’s bills were growing over their heads;

With Mum in her nightgown, the dog on my lap,

We head off to bed – far few presents to wrap,

When down in the basement I heard such a clatter,

I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.

Away down the stairs I flew like a flash,

Walked up to the furnace to find it was trashed!

After recently replacing the garage door, don’t you know,

It made me start to wonder what else was about to go.

When I crawl back to bed, my wife nearly in tears,

I remind her that 2011 has got to be a better year.

“First the loss of your job, my step-dad and your mother…”

Fighting back tears, nothing more could she mutter.

With far fewer jobs and competition so thick,

Getting called for an interview has been quite a trick.

More job support groups than you could ever name,

As time goes by the topics are all the same;

“On Resumes! On Job Boards, On Interviews, I‘ve  heard them all!

If you hear of an opportunity, please give me a call!

Some say we don’t care, that it’s all just a sham,

We sit on our butts and simply rely on Uncle Sam!

Whether Republican or Democrat – whichever you choose,

I welcome the naysayers to walk in my shoes.

They called it a lay-off or they cut out the fat,

For those left behind they’re wearing more hats;

I’ve been out of work since 2009 – the 9th of that June,

Unemployment is soon to run out, I need a job soon!

I volunteer to help others to brush-up and add to my skills,

But unfortunately, working for nothing won’t pay my bills!

As I search on Monster, CareerBuilder or Indeed,

Quite often I find I don’t have what companies need.

Maybe I’m too old or kindly put – over-qualified,

Yet have the experience & background that should not be denied.

I can jump right in with little training, raring to go,

Whether it’s a job here in Detroit, out East or in Colorado!

Though my search has been long and the end still unclear,

What I’ve gained along the way are friendships so dear!

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a great New Year!”

-contributed by a site visitor



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