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Sandy Miller, 55, of Redondo Beach, Calif. sent us this video he made about his experience as an Over 50 and Out of Work American:

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James said:

When there's not enough jobs to go around and the government is still rewarding entrepreneurs with tax deductions, it only makes sense to look at business opportunities. The 40-year plan is broken. People who should be retiring are still working. The retirement age is increasing. Being in business offers so many opportunities besides income. There are more people on food stamps now than ever before. "Today SNAP released the most recent food stamp numbers. Not surprisingly, we just saw another all time high 44.2 million poverty-level Americans relying on government funding for day to day sustenance." Even people who are able to find work have a difficult time making ends meet. A full time or part time business is a great way to make additional money, save money on taxes, and regain control over your life. Get out there and make it happen!

Sandy H. Miller said:

Hello: Anyone have any new business ideas? I have time, lots of energy and experience in researching, developing, launching and running a national business doing sales of 1-7 million per year gross reveune. We need to share our strength, hope and limited funds to get something going! Are there any "like minded" people out there?? I would love to hear from you. Come on folks we are NOT getting any younger!! I hope some of you will contact me. Best regards, SHM

TC said:

The current situation is really starting to wear me out. I don't even have enough hope left to look for a job anymore. I've been unemployed since 3/31/10, the longest time that I've gone without some type of job since high school. If I get the full extension of 99 weeks, that's it and that's all. No more income. I live in IL and the state has just passed a resolution that will only allow people who become unemployed to obtain a maximum of 26 weeks in benefits. I believe that there is a time coming and not too far off, when we will have riots in the streets, like Greece and London. The so-called deal that Congress came up with before they trotted out to enjoy their American taxes paid 5 weeks vacation, didn't even mention the 99'ers or for that matter, unemployment at all, with the exception of giving tax credits to companies that hire Veterans. Great, except companies that are experiencing record earnings are laying current employees off to increase their earnings spread. I really don't know what to do anymore. I too, have considered moving to another country but where? I'm 51 years old, I've never lived outside of the US nor do I have any connections to people outside of the US. I don't have children so, I can't move in with them when the money runs out, I'll be too young to collect any type of Social Security benefits, Medicare or Medicaid. I've been blessed enough to have a free clinic to provide care for my health needs but they are losing their funding. I am starting to contemplate suicide.

Tony Estrada said:

I guess a big riot in the streets of all USA is what we need in order to tell the WH and the Congress that, we the 99ers are still us citizen,that we need to support our families and need to pat our debts too,no only the rich and millionaires have the right to live comfortable.As a person in my 61 I don't think that I have any chance to get a job,is sad to became a homeless with no source of money and waiting for our government to do something to help us to survive.Foreing countries and banks have more luck of to be help by USA than their own people.My last check from UI was in March 2010 and since then I don't have any source of income, I was lloking for jobs all over USA and in a foreing country,with no results.So America need to wake up to this situation,I think that we are too comfortable with what is happens in the nation right now,we need to act,no just seating in front of the tv and watch what is happens here we our economy.They try to cut the Social Security wich is the only resource we have to survive,without that,the streets of USA will be full of homeless, sick people dying every day,old people suffering the consecuence of a bad administration.WAKE UP AMERICA AND FIGHT!!!!!!!

Sandy H. Miller said:

What are WE all going to do? Will it come to riots in the streets? If your head is not up your ass you must be quite worried and freaked out like I am... There is simply NO answer. If the WH doesn't have one who does? Sick of it but have no where to go! Pissed in LA ~ Any ideas?

Sandy H. Miller said:

Hi Kelly: Thanks for your note. Please tell me more ~ contact information, website/URL, corporate name, company history and who the executive officers are so I can investigate and determine IF it is something I would be interested in and a venture that I could share my experience with and make a positive impact. Please NO MLMs (Multi-level Marketing) business concepts or PONZI deals!! Thanks -

Kelly said:

Sandy, I am sorry to hear about your situation. I have marketing and promotion business marketing a unique service and am looking for someone to come on board to help me. This is service helps people across the US and Canada and is provided by a NYSE change company. Please let me know if this might interest you.

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