How 9/11 affected our interviewees

The lives of our Over 50 and Out of Work interviewees have intersected with many of the past half century’s seismic  events, including the Sixties, Vietnam, the civil rights movement, the decline of U.S. manufacturing, Reaganomics, corporate mergers and restructuring, outsourcing, globalization and 9/11.

A decade ago, two of our 100 interviewees were in Manhattan on their way to work on the morning of Sept. 11 when planes struck the twin towers.

Take a look at these two brief videos on our blog about their experiences:

I was watching the two buildings burn, when they collapsed … Steve Borton, Valley Cottage, N.Y.


Now it’s September 2001, and I’m walking from my home in Greenwich Village towards the World Trade Center, and I see a plane go into the North Tower…Janet Falk, Manhattan

If you are 50-plus and your employment was affected by 9/11, please add your comment to this blog post.



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