“I Tried, No More,” from a former facility manager, who is 50+

This new post was submitted by Jeffrey Koconis.  Jeffrey has written for our blog previously.  In an earlier post, he described his bank’s unwillingness to help him refinance his mortgage after he was laid off from the job that he had held for 33 years.


I Tried, No More


I’ve tried really hard to do the right things all my life, and now it just seems to have been all a miserable, tragic hoax.  Looking back now at how the system in this country treats it’s citizens has come home.  Going to work every single day for 33 years was supposedly something  to be proud of, which should have been recognized and applauded, a sacrifice of mind and body that warranted some measure of appreciation when the final day came.  Then when you have the rug of false reality pulled out from under you, treated like a dangerous criminal as you get walked out the door, something dies.

It wasn’t just the coldness of the heartless people following orders from above, but their cunning plan to steal my retirement, thus getting rid of my financial burden on their precious P & L for my remaining years that still makes me livid.  But I tried to take the high road, and as each new challenge smacked me in the face I kept an optimistic attitude.  No more.  They have beaten me down mercilessly at every step of the way, and I have finally come to grips with the fact that the system is hopelessly broken.

Ask people you know how hard it is to find work these days, particularly us baby boomers, or get affordable health insurance, or get mortgage help from the bank you have faithfully paid, every month, your whole adult life.  Good luck, not happening.

I am sick of people saying, “As bad as this country is, it still is the best country in the world.”  Really?  Wait until the rug gets pulled out from them.  What metrics are they using?  Education?  Poverty?  Health?  Crime?  Wealth distribution?  Discrimination?  Economy?  Oh, Military Power of course.  And thank goodness there isn’t any wasteful spending, or special interest groups with the real power, money, making national policy.

Seriously, what is it that people are looking at?  They are concerned with their own asses, plain and simple, and as long as their basic needs are satisfied, and they are thrown a crumb or two, the masses will continue to believe.  But when they get a taste of what their system would do to them in a heartbeat, should their usefulness be deemed expendable, then talk to me.

So yes, I am done believing.  As far as I’m concerned it’s like Humpty Dumpty.  All the pieces can’t be put together again, and I now doubt if they ever even were.  Listening to the raging arguments by the so-called intelligent leaders of this nation, along with their narrow-minded and zealous supporters makes me ill.  I trust others can see how inept they are, and have been, for a long time.  If they were so damn smart, or even mildly capable, do you think we would have these mammoth problems?  This country is all about money and greed, period.

Now I am finished ranting, knowing it does nothing but help get it off my chest.  When the Sheriff comes to foreclose, I’ll understand.  When the hospital asks what insurance I have and I tell them none because I can’t afford it, but I’ll be happy to pay them, if I could, but of course I won’t be able to.  When the next young person with half of my intelligence, and even less experience tells me I’m not qualified for a job position, I’ll laugh.

When I stop paying my bills, I’ll be done trying, and at this rate that day is coming soon, here in the ‘greatest’ country on Earth.




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