Older Entrepreneurs: Gerry Fioriglio, business founder, values mature workers

Next week, we’ll be adding our video interview with Gerry Fioriglio, founder of Family Caregivers Network, Inc., to our blog series on Older Entrepreneurs.  Today, though, we’ve added a short clip from Gerry’s interview in advance!

In this clip, Gerry talks about how difficult it is for her to find qualified new employees for her home care business.  Yet, encouragingly for our project demographic, as a small business owner, Gerry has found that mature workers are often her best employees.

The topics that Gerry discusses in this very short clip — acquiring new skills for new positions, the value that mature workers can bring to organizations, health coverage for employees, accepting lower pay in new jobs — are all recurring themes in our Over 50 and Out of Work multimedia documentary project.



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