Over 50 and Out of Work at Occupy Wall Street

Yesterday, we went to Zuccotti Park to interview protestors at Occupy Wall Street and to shoot footage of the nascent movement.

Signs held by protestors: “Tax me like a hedge fund manager” and  “The world should be owned by the people living in it.”

“I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one!”

“Ban ‘naked’ credit default swaps.”

Occupiers, above, speaking from the wall surrounding the park.  Protestors and activists, as well as passersby,  tourists, media and financial district employees are all in the crowd.

Police, behind the speakers who are standing on the wall, outside the park on Liberty Street.

Construction workers, eating lunch, and police on the south side of the park.

“Finance job losses:  10K predicted.”

A street debate provoked by the “Finance job losses” sign and Occupy Wall Street protest.

Yesterday, occupiers were worried that they would be evicted from the park this morning so that the park could be cleaned.  Throughout the day, they were sweeping and scrubbing the granite slabs that pave the park, picking up trash and recycling cardboard.

As has been widely reported, the occupiers have organized sections of the park to accommodate different activities:  meetings, sleeping, arts and culture (dancing and drumming), a kitchen, a library, a distribution depot for donated clothes and bedding.

Occupy Wall Street information desk.

The occupiers’ kitchen.


“Today we clean up our community, tomorrow we clean up Wall Street.”



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