Professor Andrew Sum, Director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University

Here is a short clip from our recent interview with Professor Andrew Sum, director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University. We will be posting his full-length video interview in the Experts section of our site soon.  He jointly authored The Job Dislocation and Re-employment Experiences of America’s Older Workers During the Great Recessionary Period of 2007 – 2009:  The Economic Consequences for the Dislocated and the Rest of U.S. Society.


Vicki said:

The documentary was great. It is terrible with happened to Weirton Steel. My whole family worked there at one time or another. I didn't get in so I am still working in the field I chose. WSX strated going down years ago - it wasn't all the goverment (but our govt. including the state officials didn't help us much. My father retired when the employees bought it out - on a pension that was terrible for how many years he worked there. Then they hired all these executives - or what ever you want to call them, gave them huge salaries = more than the president of the United States, they would stay awhile and then they would get huge packages that the mill would pay to then for how ever many years was agreed on. The poor working man in the mill was the ones that got screwed and lost their pensions and jobs -- at young ages (50 or above) and had to go into different fields and collect unemployment for how ever long they could get it and try to find new jobs to support their families and they never stopped worring day in and day out. It is terrible what happened to this mill - one of the biggest mills in the coountry. These men and women deserved more from the goverment and the people who ran that mill (and collected such big salaries - more than the President). They never gave up a dime of their money. One brother still works there under Mital or what ever it is called now and they other brother who is only 54 lost his job 4 or 5 years ago, works at a diferent mill, but had to start all over at that age and had 3-6 jobs before he finally got a new descent one. Hopefully the mill he works at now will take care of their employees better than WSX because my husband works there and I would hate it if they were like WSX and not take care of their own.

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