Project Homeless Connect in Las Vegas

Today, between our scheduled interviews for Over 50 and Out of Work, we stopped by Southern Nevada’s annual Project Homeless Connect, held at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas.  Last year, over 3,500 homeless individuals showed up at the center to receive help.  Project organizers expected close to 5,000 this November, given Nevada’s high unemployment rate of 14.4 percent.

Homeless individuals lined up to enter the Cashman Center.

From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., homeless individuals were able to receive free medical care, benefits assistance and job readiness services, as well as food and clothing.

Volunteers helping the homeless.

At the well-organized event, police and volunteers shepherded individuals into the center and helped them access the various services offered.

Job readiness counseling.

Clothing distribution.

Sam and I also conducted three more video interviews for our multimedia documentary project today.

After we interview Mayor Oscar Goodman tomorrow, we fly back to New Jersey so that we can catch up on editing and posting our latest interviews online!



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