Unemployed Need Not Apply

Last night, I posted a link in our Resources section to a Huffpost story This Week in Jobless Discrimination:  Unemployed Applicants Might ‘Be Tempted to Steal’ because several of our interviewees have mentioned this frustratingly unfair obstacle in their job search.

Pam Buckley, 58 from Berkley, Mich., has spent her entire career in restaurant management.  Unemployed since Jan. 2009, she has applied for hundreds of jobs and encountered the issue raised in the Huffpost story:

The level of frustration, it just beats you down.  And the thing is, that after a while, the first thing that’s wrong with you, is that you haven’t worked for a while.  There are a lot of job postings even in my own career that say you must be currently working to apply for this job.



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