Upcoming Set for Life screening and recent reviews of the documentary

Please register for next Tuesday’s film discussion and screening of Set for Life:

Set for Life:  Film Screening and Discussion
Tuesday, November, 27, 2012
3:30 to 6:00 p.m.
Edward J. Blaustein School of Planning and Public Policy
33 Livingston Avenue
Special Events Forum, 1st floor
New Brunswick, NJ

Recent Set for Life reviews:

Set for Life puts a human face on one of the most vexing problems facing American society: in a competitive global economy, how can we secure for older workers the opportunity and esteem that come with work?  The film is a valuable resource for anyone who cares about the future of the American Dream.

– Professor Jan W. Rivkin, Bruce V. Rauner Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Set for Life vividly displays the plight of older workers in the aftermath of the financial crisis.  We see and hear a lot about what they’ve lost – steady employment, health and health insurance, even their homes.  But what comes across most powerfully is the grace with which many of the individuals who were interviewed are handling the reversal of their longstanding hopes and expectations. Set for Life is an important window into the America we are fast becoming, and it is well worth watching.

– Sandra Sucher, Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School

Maybe Set for Life resonates so strongly with me because it is largely about my generation – that group of late Boomers caught in this horrible recession during what should be their peak earning years.  Their stories of hardship, desperation, and heartbreak are playing across the nation, and shame on us, if we do not take them seriously and demand that America’s employers and policy makers do the same.

– David Yamada, Professor of Law and Director of the New Workplace Institute, Suffolk Law University



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