Dr. Carl Van Horn

Dr. Carl Van Horn, professor of public policy and director of the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University, discusses the economic trends revealed and exacerbated by the Great Recession, job loss and its impact on older workers, as well as the consequences of limited training opportunities and cutbacks in social services on older unemployed workers.



Betsy said:

These topics are so cosufning but this helped me get the job done.

Gary said:

I want to say I am very computer literate. I have some issues but can work. Everyone wants you to apply online. I am an entrepreneurial thinker and have considered doing errands for people or dog walking. There is money out there it's just getting it. God bless you all to find work. Don't give up, ask friends, think of something you can do ie. are u handy, are u a good cook, it will take work but you would be working for yourself. If you work for yourself you can say you know dog walking. Look for a need in your community. Look for something that your good at. Never give up till we are taken home. Gb

James Vallejo said:

Hello Doctor... I have not read all of your published findings in regard to the 50+ year old work force, so you may have already factored in the inability or outright lack of interest in the use of computers by this group of people. I'm not disregarding that this group is being shutout by companies, I believe they/we are. However companies now use computers to apply for the job, train workers, and run the business. If one lacks the ability or interest in learning how to use computers, they force themselves out of the workforce. Sad but true. With my respect to you and to those 50+ people seeking work.... Thank you - James Vallejo

Steven said:

I first worked in a donut shop at 16 making donuts and cleaning up when the shop closed. It is sadly ironic that my job there was more secure than my job in Software Engineering today with a Master's Degree. I have no delusion that anyone in the government (past or present) gives a damn about any of us other than the billionaires and their companies who make campaign contributions.

joseph sangataldo said:

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/31/long-term-unemployed-middle-class_n_942734.html see article how I am laid off at 54

Albert H. Parker said:

I am in an architecture-related profession in the Cleveland area. I am told that our unemployment is around 60%, and is not likely to recover for at least ten years or longer. I am 63 years and was forced to start Social Securiity to pay mortgage. Live-in girlfriend works one full-time and one part-time jobs, and has been unsympathetic that I can not just go out and find another job, although I have tried. This has been devastating in our lives, and I see no way to improve the situation. Your discussion confirms the situation that so many of us find ourselves in after lifetimes of productivity (I starting working when I was 12).

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