Susan Fiske & Mike North

Susan Fiske and Mike North discuss common stereotypes of people over 50, how they affect the workplace, and how society can adapt. Susan Fiske is a professor of psychology at Princeton University and Mike North is a Ph.D. candidate in the psychology department at Princeton University.


Ho Sang Lee said:

I used the information from this clip for my presentation in a class. The word "stereotype" is widely used nowadays, but this clip provided me a whole new version of a stereotype. I think the results of this research has a variety of possibilities to be applied in education or policy for both younger and older people. I am extremely grateful to both researchers and creators of this website for making this research available to the public.

Robert Miller said:

Your work is commendable Susan. Very informative and astute insights from Susan and Mike...missing: action plans, for employer, employee, educators and society to change these perceptions and the new Paradigm that the Information Age has created.Thank you Susan for keeping me in the loop. Bob My typing skills are close to pre-historic thus the lack of elaboration.

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