Alice Seifert

Age: 50 - 54
Location: Wisconsin
Industry: Manufacturing
Job: Paper Mill Worker
Unemployed Since: Unemployed for 4+ years
"Social Security and Medicare, I do not believe it will be there when I am ready to retire."



929288 said:

Dayum¡­ these remixes are amazing. Congratulations mate.

Haroldspife said:

242671 said:

I want to know what to do because I work shifts and these tablets make me dizzy , I want to know if its possible to change and drink them at any time of the day depending on my shifts or should I stick to the time that I am taking them everyday?

984827 said:

Stop double posting and spamming the site assholes!

Haroldspife said:

884213 said:

David, you’re incredible; an inspiration. I am mainly a clarinettist but I have taught myself a little of the violin too…recently especially, you have been a complete inspiration to me. I love music. It has helped me through every stage of my life and a world without it would not only be silent but completely empty and lonely. Some day I hope to be as great a musician as you are now. And even if I never reach your standard I will continue to love music and the way it can effect and change me…I can’t put into words how incredible I think you are. The way you play ‘Viva la vida’ shows just how much you not only play, but feel, music. And I absolutely LOVE the way you arrange your music with such an incredible combination of genres and styles! Thank you for everything, please come to the UK even more frequently…Much love, Jade

611899 said:

Great mix-tape. It’s getting played to death these past few days.

Haroldspife said:

Haroldspife said:

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