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Today, older Americans are out of work at record rates and for longer periods of time then ever before. Boomers, who are beginning to turn 65 this year, were born into a postwar era of prosperity and optimism. The Great Recession upset the expectations held by many members of this iconic generation. Today’s unemployed boomers anticipate living longer than prior generations, but are not well prepared to do so. As their needs escalate, government at all levels is cutting back on programs and services to reduce budget deficits, while globalization races ahead.


is an ongoing multimedia project that documents the stories and the impact of the Great Recession on jobless Americans, 50 and older. The stories that boomers tell are not only about the hardships they have faced due to joblessness, but also about their hopes and fears, their expectations and disappointments, their resilience and their dreams. Their individual stories combine into a remarkable mosaic of experiences that captures the past 50 years of seismic social and economic changes in American history. Their lives have been shaped by the Sixties, Vietnam, the civil rights movement, the decline of U.S. manufacturing, Reaganomics, corporate mergers and restructuring, outsourcing, 9/11 and globalization.

Boomers, often regarded as self-centered and indulgent, have left a distinct impact on the United States as they have navigated their way through the turbulent social and economic history of the country’s past half century.

Unexpected depths of courage, faith, perseverance and resilience emerge out of the lives of the boomer generation.


Our broader, long-term mission is to help people who are OVER 50 AND OUT OF WORK get back into the labor force by improving the cultural perception of older workers and by influencing public policy changes that will make it easier for them to find re-employment.


The team behind OVER 50 AND OUT OF WORK starts production this month on a documentary film exploring the themes and conflicts illuminated in the 100 Stories. Focusing specifically on the impact that unemployment has had on the lives of three of our interviewees, the film will present the story of being OVER 50 AND OUT OF WORK in a more dramatic framework and make it available to a wider audience. Please stay tuned for more updates and videos as we get underway!