Barbara Dixon

Age: 65 - 69
Location: Louisiana
Industry: Professional and business services
Job: Receptionist
Unemployed Since: Looking for work, retired
"It's very hard to find a job. Most people are working part-time or working two jobs, trying to make ends meet."


john s. daley said:

Great point let's help each other . Even if it's just with encouraging words.

john s. daley said:

Transition: the hardest part of life ask any woman who has had a baby. Got a job doing warehouse work in 90 degree heat. At 59 years old this would not have been my wish so everybody remember the adage," watch out for what you pray for."

Peter Johansen said:

Instead of being retired, call the name in transition. Hence, we are always in transition and retired refers to extinction as in "Logan's Run." In any event, good luck.

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