Cheryl Cheney

Age: 60 - 64
Location: Washington
Industry: Education and health services
Job: Social Worker
Unemployed Since: April 2011
"I'm going to trust that I'm not going to be homeless. I have a daughter who always says -- there's a bedroom there. I guess that's my safety net."


john s. daley said:

My education was in social sciences as seemingly was Cheryl's. We seem to have a more hopeful outlook on life them people with other majors. I believe I've had a good life and I expect that it will continue so whether I'm working of not. I have a phone interview at 12 today so I'll see. But at the end of the day I will have my family and other "things" that I'm grateful for

John said:

I think you are a credit to all of us gessers and I am proud of you. Keep your chin up because you have helped many people and that energy will come back to you. You are fantastic and will be fine.

mike r said:

This lady has it going. How she can remain uber-positive in the face of this current economic climate is a testimony to her inner strength. Cheryl, you will land on your feet. Of that I am certain!

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