Deborah Salim

Age: 60 - 64
Location: South Carolina
Industry: Professional and business services
Job: Grant Writer
Unemployed Since: Unemployed for 2 years, 3 months
"I have family, my children. They would take me in temporarily ... if I should lose my home."


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Rosie said:

Your story is compelling in telling our nation what would happen if/when older workers lose their career and source of support. Hubert Humphrey was correct in saying that the morality of a nation depends on how it treats those in the dawn (children), twilight(seniors) and shadows (poverty and people with disabilities). Keep your hand in God's hand and keep looking up despite the difficulties. Trust God and He will sustain you. You are an encouragement to those of us over 50 and concerned about jobs and financial status. Love ya girl!

Deborah said:

Thank you Tim for those kind words. They were very encouraging to my spirit. I have learned to be content in whatever state I find myself (according to the Bible). How I manage to keep control of my situation is to trust and depend upon God for He promised to supply all of my needs and He has thus far. We often worry about things we have no control over and make our situation worse when our health fail due to all of the stress. I am learning how to stress less and trust more in the Almighty God who is able to keep me (us) from falling and present us faultless before His throne with exceeding joy. Put your trust in God and obey His Word and everything will work together for your good because He loves you. Take care!

Tim Carmell said:

I wish to say how touched I was by Deborah's interview. There is a woman who sees life clearly and isn't making any excuses, who's reinventing herself and at the same time being foreclosed on. If Deborah can't have some job security after fifteen years in the same job, who can? We are destroying the lives of so many people and sometimes I wonder if it is a plan to impoverish us all and have a nation of peasants, or if it's simply bad judgement on the part of our government and corporations. It certainly isn't Deborah's fault - you can see that the minute she begins speaking. If Deborah reads this, I want to tell you that I love the person you are and wish you the very VERY best in your search for a job.

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