Deborah Shane

Age: 60 - 64
Location: Florida
Industry: Professional and business services
Job: Entrepreneur
Unemployed Since: Unemployed for 4 months
"Wisdom, experience, all the qualities that Baby Boomers bring to the table, plus relevance, is a powerful, powerful recipe for success."


Joni said:

I applaud this woman for what she has done, but I do resent that she implies that baby boomers are in someway responsible for their own they are not "relevant" in terms of technology... I have a Computer Systems Diploma, 55 and still have trouble getting a job. And yes, I would love to be an entrepreneur or at least give it a shot, but unfortunately one must have money to do that! I think it is much easier to transition when one doesn't have to worry about where there next meal is coming from...

Diane said:

That is an interesting interview, although it made me a bit uncomfortable to hear her make comments about baby boomers "not knowing how to download a file". As a baby boomer with great computer skills, I'd rather not have this type of mythology (baby boomers don't know which end of the computer to use) promulgated. There's enough negative generalizations out there already.

Sue said:

Deborah is terrific. Highly energetic, entrepreneurial and motivated to help others. Check out her site at for more info.

morrison said:

This woman is a great woman! Deborah Shane is a very smart and savvy person. I have no doubt this woman will be a success. She looks great, has a good head on her shoulders, is lucid, has a good handle on her situation, has gumption.........I'd follow her advice, she is the best! Good luck to you Deborah. You have inspired me to continue and move on. I just turned 60 also. Thank you for the motivation. We ain't dead yet.

Sue said:

I copied Deborah's update from the general comments section and added it here: Sue, When you interviewed me I was in SWFL, I am now back home in SEFL, Miami/Ft Lauderdale! I really appreciate you allowing me to share my story of reinvention, transition and hope. Life continues with everything that we’ve done and all the wonderful skills and qualities that we have. “Career transition is another beginning and an adventure”. I am living proof of that, especially after 50! Great work.

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