Joe Price

Age: 50 - 54
Location: West Virginia
Industry: Manufacturing
Job: Steelworker
Unemployed Since: January 2010
"But, here I am now. I've been laid off, since 1986, probably 10 times."


E. Brian Starvaggi said:

Joe thanks for your service in the mill, thanks for sharing. I would have been a 3rd generation steel worker but i decided to go in to the military service. No offense to anybody for those who tried to follow their grandfather and fathers foosteps. I too wanted to be a steel worker like my family and realized it was hard but prideful. I have had a hard life in the military, wars etc, but it was the smartest thing i ever did. I listened to older folks in the late 80's. i too am like you, after 22 years as a military leader who has been responsible for millions of dollars of equipment, ledership training, a degree, and i cannot get a job. I feel like you .... Mr. President please explain to all of us who are very qualified adn like your self very qualified what are we suppoised to do? Why wont they hire us? ' God Bless Take Care Joe

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