Luis Martinez

Age: 65 - 69
Location: Nevada
Industry: Construction
Job: Carpenter
Unemployed Since: 2005
"Every time I look for work, it's not the same as when I was young, you know, they hired me right on the spot."


Dave said:

It is a rathole. Retired but can't even fish cause immigrants use the lakes as a toilet. No jobs worth a damn and Americans are generally assholes. To think I'm a Marine Corps vet too. America sucks now.

Toby said:

I beg to differ, John. America was always a place where people had to take care of themselves instead of relying on the government. The difference is how the government is destroying the economy now and hurting businesses that create jobs. Luis would have much better opportunities if he went back to Texas. If this entire country had a business friendly government like Texas, there would be many more jobs so people could take care of themselves. The US is destroying itself trying to become like socialist Europe. Voters created this mess by voting for more of what created it out of desperation, ignorance and divisive propaganda.

john said:

Luis, you said it. The American Dream is gone. But you know what? America was always kind of a shithole. Now we are just more aware of it.

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