Mary Sironen

Age: 55 - 59
Location: Nevada
Industry: Leisure and hospitality
Job: Bartender
Unemployed Since: 2010
"I'm now too old to do what I've done my whole life."



MEG said:

I love your personality and positive attitude. I believe you will get another job on the strip. You deserve it and someone will see your worth. - posted March 29, 2015

john s. daley said:

I'm going to another minimum pay job today just hope I make it. It's seasonal work for delivering mail and packages during the Christmas season. I'm fortunate and I realize so many are not.

john s. daley said:

My son is a server but he's 30 and has lots of energy. He lives here with my wife and me. My wife and I are are out of work but I look every day. Something will break cause I won't give up. I taught for almost 18 years so I get my retirement from them. We've got a couple of boarders so that helps too but soon our health insurance will run out. I've got a college education but I'm 59 years old but I will not give up no matter how down I may get. I'm sober!

Jim Beeler said:

Advertise yourself as a consultant. Hire out for private parties. You have too much experience to throw in the towel now. Just refold the towel and "shake that thang" lady...(the drink that is...)

Jennifer Russell said:

I too have had big age discrimination in employment since I turned 50. Not cute enough anymore. Sickening. I had to look at plenty of not too cute people when I was a bartender.

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