Mary Sironen

Age: 55 - 59
Location: Nevada
Industry: Leisure and hospitality
Job: Bartender
Unemployed Since: 2010
"I'm now too old to do what I've done my whole life."


Brian Smith said:

Reading through these posts is very personal to me. My story is very familiar to each one. Although some of my circumstance is self inflicted, every one of us has a right while there is breath in us to pick ourselves up and rebuild. Here in Canada the situation is very similar to that of the Unites States. We have governments more interested in special interest and no concern for how it affects the populace. My feeling is that the answers lay with those of us affected by the situation that we currently exist in. The community of under employed is growing, and will continue to get worse. The answers do not lay with government, the answers are in our own hands. The gathering of ideas and stories of like minded people can contribute to new beginnings- I truly believe that. There is a tomorrow, there are answers and there is a market we can reach for. - posted Nov. 11, 2015

Linda Maddocks said:

I'm in the same position except I don't own a house (so no boarders) and I don't have any possessions to sell... - posted Nov. 5, 2015

sandy said:

I, too, live in Las Vegas, and have been out of work for 3.5 years. Cannot get hired, and I have a master's degree and over 30 years work experience. Vegas is not an easy town--it's all about who you know. I am interested as well in a central web site, FB page or other area of communication, so we can all work together and make this issue known throughout the country and to our legislative representatives (locally and in Washington). Please email me so we can find a way to work together. I have my own web site, but it's been dormant. Maybe it's time to get it up and running as a forum to help those out of work over 50! - posted Oct. 11, 2015

maria said:

Unfortunately this is the true here in Las Vegas, I am 52 and I have been working in the same casino as food server(steak house) for 17 years, from full time; in 20011 because they cut in labor they change my status to part-time employee, at first I was happy with 30 hours per week, but lately this became a 12 to nothings hours per week. In the last two years I have been applying for any kind of job without any luck(and I have a degree). Right now the casino where am still employed plans to remodel some restaurants(one of them the one that I work) and the argument that they're using to get us out(some servers are the same age, or older) is when the remodel is done we need to re-apply, and start from the beginning; application process, first interview, second interview and so, so. Looking to all those casinos where youth prevails I wonder where I am going next. - posted Sept. 2, 2015

MEG said:

I love your personality and positive attitude. I believe you will get another job on the strip. You deserve it and someone will see your worth. - posted March 29, 2015

john s. daley said:

I'm going to another minimum pay job today just hope I make it. It's seasonal work for delivering mail and packages during the Christmas season. I'm fortunate and I realize so many are not.

john s. daley said:

My son is a server but he's 30 and has lots of energy. He lives here with my wife and me. My wife and I are are out of work but I look every day. Something will break cause I won't give up. I taught for almost 18 years so I get my retirement from them. We've got a couple of boarders so that helps too but soon our health insurance will run out. I've got a college education but I'm 59 years old but I will not give up no matter how down I may get. I'm sober!

Jim Beeler said:

Advertise yourself as a consultant. Hire out for private parties. You have too much experience to throw in the towel now. Just refold the towel and "shake that thang" lady...(the drink that is...)

Jennifer Russell said:

I too have had big age discrimination in employment since I turned 50. Not cute enough anymore. Sickening. I had to look at plenty of not too cute people when I was a bartender.

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