Peter Hansen

Age: 50 - 54
Location: Oregon
Industry: Manufacturing
Job: Food Industry Worker
Unemployed Since: .
"It's just part time...cause I've heard that it's better if you have a job when you're trying to get another job."


tony c said:

Sounds like this guy is a liability around health and safely. I hope you doesnt talk like this to employers about his history.I was in a government manufacturing job for 28 years and was made redundant and had to sell my home in new zealand. I have worked as a temp since and a night hotel porter.I have 2 jobs that i have been offered another night porter at $19 a hour for 32 hours a week or a 50 hour job as a kitchen steward at $15.75 not sure what i will pick yet.Good luck peter please talk positive if you get a interview.

Tike said:

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john s. daley said:

Makes me want to cry.

john s. daley said:

The first ones were from the South. I notice his education is not discussed when almost everybody else was. The injuries sound like things I would do. Guarding your health in these times is crucial since so many of us don't have insurance. Drive carefully all the time.

john said:

Can someone tell me why so many stories are happening in Oregon? Thanks.

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