Rudy Limas

Age: 60 - 64
Location: Oregon
Industry: Manufacturing
Job: Truck Driver
Unemployed Since:
"Me and my family, we will probably find ourselves in the streets in a month or two."


john s. daley said:

I'm 59 and I've been applying for almost anything. Labor, I don't care I'll take anything. Food stamps thank God for America. Hey life is hard that's what this is about but we "fight till the end". I'm depressed a lot but I have to continue. I'm an example to my family sometimes not a good one but I won't stop although some days are not good.

Sue said:

Laura, thank you very much for your generous offer! When we went to Oregon and interviewed Rudy, the local TV station covered the story that Over 50 and Out of Work was interviewing older unemployed workers in the Portland area. A local businessman who owns a medical parts manufacturing company, saw the TV story and hired Rudy, who now has a full-time job with benefits! We posted this happy news about Rudy on our blog!

Laura Tackett said:

We will pray for you and your family. What is your address? I will send you some money.

Jane said:

Thank you for telling us your story. You are not alone.

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