Steve Borton

Age: 60 - 64
Location: New York
Industry: Information
Job: Sales, Data Storage
Unemployed Since: Unemployed for 1 Year
"What are we going to do in 10 years? Live in a hut in Uganda or something, at this rate."


Theresa said:

Hab’ gerade im App-Store geguckt. Die Software hat auch eine englische Oberfläche. Da würde ich nur die Schegaschattln hinzugewinnen (geht ja mit der Pixelmator 2er womöglich nun auch. Aber dann bleibe ich lieber bei meiner Anwendung, oder gehe zu Photoshop zurück.

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Lauriesomers said:

Seriously, I joke about moving to Vietnam and raising water buffalo and chinese geese. At least I can harvest heroin poppies for the aches and pains of old age. hah! So much for being a bright, creative, innovative type...pffft! I'd really like to do comedy at this point, I'm damn good at it, jokes on us!

Pigbitin Mad said:

No Mr. Bond, they expect us to die [they being our Tea Bag controlled government] . That way, we will not reach 62 and the rich can confiscate our social security. You don't think they really want to let us have that money to live in a hut in Uganda do you?

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