Building a supportive Over 50 and Out of Work community

Several days ago, a comment was posted on our website:

What do we do? I am 53, been out of work for 4 years and yesterday I moved out of the small apt. that I was renting, put what few worldly possessions I have into a storage unit and now I am officially homeless! I am not a lazy or stupid man, I have started many businesses and been the CEO of a few companies….Why can’t I get a job? FUCK ! If I was a drug addict or drunk it seems the govt. would be there with some assistance. I have exactly 123.00 left in the bank, I am very good at living on 5 bucks a day for food, but how much longer can I keep up the appearance that all in normal? No $$, no home, no life or health insurance…Its all gone……Shit I cant even afford to die! Who would pay for that? My ex-wife and kids don’t need that crap………………….sorry for the foul language, figured I should vent a bit before I lose my mind.

We took it and posted it anonymously on our Over 50 and Out of Work Facebook page, where we get more replies and responses.  We also notified the comment writer, asked where he or she resides and invited him or her to participate in the Facebook discussion – our usual procedure in this type of social media situation.

The writer responded and let us know that he resides in Los Angeles.  

How can we help him?  

How can we build a mutually supportive, encouraging community that helps others find jobs and resources? 

We created this site, made a documentary about the issues surrounding unemployment among older Americans and provided a forum on our social media sites.  

Now we need your ideas and suggestions.  Let us hear from you.





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