Occupy Wall Street: Renewing American Democracy?

Last night, Stay Thirsty published a special report by Over 50 and Out of Work  on Occupy Wall Street:

On Thursday, October 13, Over 50 and Out of Work went to Zuccotti Park to interview protestors at Occupy Wall Street and to shoot footage of the nascent movement.

Occupiers, activists, drop-in protestors, hippies, commuters, passersby, tourists, construction workers, financial district employees, media, the police and the curious crowd Zuccotti Park and its surrounding sidewalks to participate in or pass through Occupy Wall Street. The small park has become a gathering place for speechmakers, debaters, mobilizers, hangers-on, drifters, artists, opportunists, pushcart vendors and performers.

It’s a remarkable scene and an amazing thing to see Americans exercising their rights to assemble and speak freely.

To read the rest of the article and to see the video interviews we conducted at Zuccotti Park, click here.



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