Over 50 interview with former construction worker at Occupy Wall Street

Last Thursday at Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park, we interviewed Rick DeVoe, 54.  DeVoe relocated to Easthampton, Mass. after he lost his union construction job two and one-half years ago in Las Vegas, Nev. when the development of the almost 17 million square foot CityCenter was completed.

Take a look at his video interview in which he explains why he is participating in Occupy Wall Street:



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Molly said:

What an interesting guy. It is so true. We had a revolution, a civil war, a labor movement, a European War about systems. They matter if we think liberty and justice for all means anything. We have more liberty but hardly more justice today. Ignorance, sickness, hunger need more than an individual alone to overcome. They need systems created and regulated by justice. We are not so stupid we can't figure out the liberty part of it also.

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