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We are currently in California, conducting more interviews for the 100 Stories section of the site. This looks to be our busiest trip yet and we were flooded with interest in the project, so we’ve decided to take this opportunity to begin a new aspect of Over 50 and Out of Work: user submitted videos!

Anyone who fits the characteristics of the project (Over 50 and Out of Work) is welcome to create and submit to us a homemade video telling his or her story to be posted online. Here are some quick guidelines:

• Simple equipment is fine! You can use a Flip video camera, for example.

• Make sure that we can see and hear you clearly.

• Keep the video short. No longer than three minutes.

• Give a brief introduction: Your name, age and what you were doing when you lost your job. Also, how long you’ve been out of work.

• Try to organize your interview around a single theme. For example, focus your answers on a topic such as lack of health insurance or the age discrimination you encounter in job interviews or the satisfactions you get from volunteering during your period of unemployment.

• Remember that potential employers will be able to see your video online! Keep this reality in mind.

• We will decide whether or not we post the videos that are submitted to Over 50 and Out of Work.

For now, just upload your video to a video sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo and send us the link! If you have any questions, please email us at



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