Sara Rix

Sara Rix, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor at the AARP Public Policy Institute, describes the impact of the Great Recession and the slow recovery on older workers.  She explains the changes in the duration of unemployment and the labor force participation rate for older workers and calls for greater training for all unemployed workers, but especially for long-term unemployed workers who are 50+.


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Robert said:

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Sue said:

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Rick Linet said:

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Randy Wu said:

A lot of attention has been focused on greater training for unemployed workers who are 50 + and rightly so, as new technology and new methods of working are constantly emerging. However, there is one other factor that employers are particularly concerned and that is the health & fitness of the candidates because they are fully aware that people become weaker as they grow older and that of course would affect the productivity and health costs. Workers have to pay just as much attention to their physical well-being by ensuring that they are healthy, fit & strong especially if they are doing manual work, or have to be on their feet for long hours, or may have to lift things in the course of their work. Perhaps, the govt. can arrange for them to attend talks or workshops promoting the importance of regular exercises to ensure that they can continue to be as productive as the younger workers and make arrangements for them to go to gyms for work-outs as part of the employment program. When employers are given some kind document certifying that the candidates are healthy, fit and strong and able to perform certain types of exercises they may be more inclined to view the older candidates more favorably. To become healthy, fit and strong is not too difficult to do and I should know because two years ago I was feeling very weak and sickly and I decided to strengthen myself by going to the gym regularly and after two years at the age 70 today, I am feeling healthy fit & strong and have decided to go back to work giving motivational talks and conducting motivational workshops for workers above 50 yrs to motivate them to remain healthy fit & strong after 60 yrs of age so that they can continue to be employed and to enjoy a better quality of life until 80 yrs and beyond.

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