From one of our 50+ readers in Atlanta who lost her job


Jim of Careers sent the video to me.  Since I live in Atlanta, I don’t know if I qualify for your program, but I, too was “downsized” at 62 in October 2008 from the firm where I had worked, been promoted and earned raises and bonuses for 8.5 years.  The effect was financially devastating – my 401k had just tanked along with everyone else’s (I moved it to cash the minute I was let go and saved some of the losses); I went from a great paying job to no work income;  I suddenly had nothing to do days but apply for jobs.  I never got an interview.  I must have applied for over 1,000 positions; some with the federal government – each of those applications taking 1/2 to a whole day all by itself.  I began taking unemployment insurance, a tremendous help, but not enough, and later on Social Security, also a great help, but not enough, even together.  I’ve been able to refinance my home at a much lower rate since I started taking my Social Security and paying every single bill a few days early for about three months – secrets of the credit world.

I joined and attended jobseeker meetings all over the area, I got on email lists for job announcements, I posted my resume everywhere, revised it frequentlly, I activated my LinkedIn and Facebook presence, and even went door to door with my resume looking for work.  I asked for prayer at the several churches where I am involved. Nothing happened.  Finally, a presenter at one of the jobseeker groups I had stayed in contact with asked for help finding a part time sales assistant for a local office.  I sent her my resume and got the position.  It’s a small job, but slowly growing.  I work about 10-12 hours/week there.  I had an idea that lots of small or start up businesses would need what I can offer.  I printed cards, wrote a business plan and went shopping.  Standing in line at the tag office, Office Depot, Staples, or Office Max, I can now find opportunities to exchange cards with my potential clients.  I try to look “business casual” whenever I go out and carry lots of cards.  I’ve added several more clients, but am seeking more – my week is not yet full, but I’m having fun, living very frugally, and hoping for the best.

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Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

— Albert Schweitzer