Las Vegas, cont. and a new expert on our site

Today, we are adding to our site two more of our eight interviews from Las Vegas, as well our expert interview with David DeLong.

Kimberly Gilek, 50, moved to Las Vegas 16 years ago when the city’s economy was booming.   A single parent, she worked as a lab technician and phlebotomist, while raising her children and attending nursing school part-time.  Two years ago, her back was broken in a car accident, which forced her to change her career plans.  Currently, she is enrolled in a work-study program, barely scraping by and hoping that when she completes her degree in sign language translation for the deaf that she will be able to find work in the struggling Las Vegas economy.

Luis Martinez, 66, a carpenter, also moved to Las Vegas when its economy was strong, and he made good money working on casino construction sites. Several years ago, however, he had heart bypass surgery.  Although he has recovered and needs to work to supplement his Social Security income, he cannot find jobs in the troubled Las Vegas economy.

David DeLong is a research fellow at the MIT AgeLab, founder of David DeLong & Associates, author of Lost Knowledge:  Confronting the Threat of an Aging Workforce and co-author of the study Buddy, Can You Spare a Job?.  In this video, he provides very specific recommendations for older jobseekers about how they can maximize the success of their job search.