NACA and progress on our documentary

This past weekend, the Over 50 team traveled to California to do some shooting for our documentary.


In San Diego, we interviewed Bruce Marks, founder of NACA, Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, a nonprofit community advocacy and homeownership organization. At NACA’s American Dream events, held in major cities across the country, NACA brings together its own financial counselors, representatives from mortgage lenders and struggling borrowers.  Working together, they hammer out affordable mortgage terms so that homeowners can meet their payments and hang onto their homes.


We learned about NACA from one of our South Carolina interviewees who faced the risk of imminent foreclosure.  NACA helped her renegotiate her mortgage and lower her monthly payments.  She made her first reduced mortgage payment this past January and, to her great relief, will now be able to remain in her home.


We have added Marks’s interview about NACA to the Experts section of our site.


* * *


Recently, we were also invited to speak about Over 50 and Out of Work at the Bronxville Career Network monthly meeting, held in Bronxville, N.Y. by Pat Drew, one of the group’s organizers, a career coach and a former New York Times human resources director.


At the networking group’s meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 15, we screened a rough cut of the first third of our documentary, which focuses on Joe Price, a former steelworker from Weirton, W.V.


It was a terrific experience to show a section of our documentary to the members of the career network group, and we want to express our appreciation for the opportunity!


Subsequent to the meeting, Drew wrote in an email:


Thank you for sharing your powerful documentary “Over 50 and Out of Work,” about the extreme difficulties faced by those during this recession, and particularly those in their 50s.  The documentary was touching and exposed the real hardships people are enduring.  It also portrayed resilience in face of extreme obstacles…something from which we can all learn.


Thank you for sharing it with our Bronxville Career Network.  The discussion offered ways to everyone to persevere and succeed in face of adversity.