Set for Life: A Must-See Film on Being Over 50 and Out of Work

Richard Eisenberg, senior web editor  of Next Avenue, the PBS system website targeted at Americans age 50+, reviews Set for Life in and Forbes:

Set for Life:  A Must-See Film on Being Over 50 and Out of Work

I was heartened to read in The Wall Street Journal this week that there are 3.5 million more Americans 55 and older working than in September 2009. But before you break out the bubbly, remember this: There are an additional 3 million people over 50 and unemployed — many for a year or longer.

Susan Sipprelle, the writer and producer of Set for Life, a new, compelling documentary about three unemployed boomers, thinks the 3 million figure is seriously understated. More important, she says, it doesn’t reflect “the huge ramifications that unemployment of older Americans has had on their families and on the country.”   Click here to read more.